St. Leo the Great School

Junior Secondary School

Congratulations to the top 2 students in JS1 in Enugu! They both happen to be in the same school! Great job ladies.


Every year junior secondary students in Nigeria take an exam to measure their competency and skills learned throughout the semesters.


Please join us in congratulating Chinaza and Victoria on their amazing accomplishments!


These young girls both recieved tuition assitance for their accomplishments and to encourage others to be the top of the class.

Students listen as Basic inter-technology teacher explains use of a protractor

The students at St. Leo thank you for your unconditional love and support. The school is operated soley by the grace of God and kind donations. The students are very excited about the curriculum!


There are currently over 60 students enrolled in St. Leo. There are a total of 3 semesters in a school year. School fees for each student are due at the beginning of each semester. Nigerian currency is called naira. Each semester tuition is N27,000 naira, per student, which is equivalent to about $180.00 USD for one semester (3 months). So for the year, each student pays N81,000 naira or $540 USD.


Although resources are limited to none, the kids' love and passion for Christ and to learn are undeniable. The teachers could use your help assisting them in anyway with the following wish list for their classess in order to maximize the students' learning potential:


Basic integrated technology workshop

-AVO meter (British)

- hand saw

-drilling machines



Computer Lab

-Computer Desktops for students



-World Globe

- Mathematical Shapes: polygons, triangles, circles, etc.

- Weighing/balance scale

- Math charts

-Various math textbooks


Science Lab

- white dry erase board

- Tri pod (for dry erase board)

- thermometers

- stopwatch

-model of the solar system

- measuring cylinders and beakers

-models/diagrams of human anatomy

- microscope(s)

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Donations of $25 or more, receive a free African cook book! All proceeds will go to assist women and children of under served areas in Africa.
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